Essence Limescale Remover Vinegar

Frosch limescale remover vinegar essence is a highly concentrated specialized cleaner for the removal of stubborn limescale deposits. Its fruit vinegar formula effectively removes limescale and cleans pots, electric kettles, taps and showerheads.
Essig Essenz
  • dissolves limescale with fruit vinegar
  • ideal for pots and electric kettles
  • for kitchen and bath
  • highly concentrated

30 ml to 5 liters, apply undiluted to stubborn limescale deposits, leave to take effect and rinse. For kettles / saucepans: Heat 150 ml limescale remover essence and 150 ml water. Leave on for 5 minutes and rinse twice with clear water. For electrical devices, please follow the manufacturer's care instructions. HINTS: Not suitable for acid-sensitive materials.

Acetic acid, fruit acid.

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