Frosch wood cleaner cleans and protects all wooden surfaces and wood floors. The formula with the natural care ingredients of pine ensures deep cleaning and the removal of dried-on stains such as red wine, coffee, olive oil or wax and leavees behind a pleasant, fresh scent.
  • cleans and cares for all species of wood
  • also suitable for undiluted application
  • with the natural care ingredients of pine

Dosage: 2 tablespoons (24 ml) in 5 liters of water. For the care or renovation of smaller, stressed areas, use undiluted and apply thinly evenly. For stubborn dirt, apply undiluted, leave to work and rinse well. HINTS: Keep out of reach of children. Do not mix with other products.

< 5% non-ionic surfactants, perfumes (linalool), preservatives (sodium pyrithione, phenoxyethanol). Further ingredients: pine extract, orange extract.

Further information
pictogram without animal ingredients
Free of animal-derived ingredients
All Frosch formulas completely avoid the usage of animal ingredients.
picogram free of microplastics
Microplastic free
Water-friendly formulas clean and care without microplastics.
Pictogram recyclelt
Recyclat / Recycelbar
Packaging made of recycled and recyclable materials makes possible the circularity of raw materials.
Pictogram surfactants
European surfactants
Use of European surfactants to ensure shorter transportation routes and reduced dependency on tropical oils from monoculture.


Multi-Surface Cleaner