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The gentle way to care for laundry and skin

For soft and cuddly feel-good laundry for sensitive skin

The hypoallergenic Sensitive Liquid Detergent Aloe Vera has no added preservatives.

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The Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent is particularly gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive baby skin.

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Feeling comfortable in your own skin also means using the right detergent that cleans your clothes and makes them feel soft and cuddly. A detergent that is kind to the skin is especially important for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

What should I bear in mind when it comes to new clothes?

You have a new item of clothing and would like to wear it straight away? We can all understand that. However, it is very important to wash new clothes at the maximum recommended temperature before wearing them for the first time. This removes chemicals and residues from production. The same applies to such things as cushions, blankets and cuddly toys. To avoid irritating the skin you can carefully cut off scratchy clothes labels.To be on the safe side, don't throw them away and label them instead so you can refer to the care instructions when you need to.

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Which detergent should I use for sensitive skin?

Hypoallergenic products such as the Frosch Sensitive Liquid Detergent Aloe Vera or the Frosch Baby Liquid Laundry Detergent for the little ones are especially advisable for people with sensitive skin. They are particularly gentle on the skin and perfect for sensitive baby skin.

Which detergents are kind to the skin and eco-friendly?

Thanks to their well-balanced formulas, all liquid and powder detergents from Frosch are not only kind to the skin but also to the environment. They contain no added preservatives and no microplastics.

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What's the right amount of detergent?

Once you've found the right detergent for you, there's one more little thing to consider: Using the right quantity. This depends on the amount of laundry and the hardness of the water in your region. You can find information about how much detergent you should use on the back of your detergent. To find out water hardness level, visit the website of your local water company. The figures are updated at least once a year.