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A little less waste every day

Avoid packaging, throw away less and ideally recycle

You can use the Dishwashing Lotion Aloe Vera refill bag to refill any decorative washing-up liquid dispenser.

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The Glass Cleaner Spirit refill bag is 100% recyclable and contains about two times as much product as the spray bottle.

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Every household generates a lot of waste each day. Unfortunately, it often doesn't end up where it should, is thrown in the wrong bin and doesn't get recycled. By reducing the amount of waste we generate in our everyday lives, we make a small but important contribution to climate and environmental protection.

How do I avoid packaging waste?

Use reusable fabric bags

One of the things you can do is take a cloth bag or other reusable bag with you when you go shopping. Then when you're at the checkout you won't need to buy a disposable bag. And if you have to, take a paper bag and reuse it.

Buy your fruit and veg loose

Unfortunately, most fruit and vegetables still come in plastic packaging. Challenge yourself and resolve to buy only unpackaged fruit and vegetables. This not only saves packaging waste, it also means you only buy as much as you really need.

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How do I reduce plastic waste?

Drink tap water

Austria and Germany both have very high quality tap water that is completely safe to drink. This not only saves unnecessary plastic waste, it also saves you having to carry heavy crates of water.

Avoid to-go products

A snack here, a coffee there. To-go products are convenient, but every drink also means using a plastic or coated paper cup. This creates a lot of rubbish, especially in the city centres. Reusable to-go cups and water bottles are more convenient and eco-friendly, and many cafés are happy to fill them with your favourite beverage.

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Use a lunch box instead of tinfoil

Whether you're packing a lunch for a day out or a making a packed lunch for the kids, a lunch box not only saves packaging waste, its compartments and different shapes make it easier to eat a balanced and varied diet.

A Frosch bio-spirit glass cleaner refill pouch stands next to a shopping basket.

The right choice of cleaning products

Most household cleaners are packaged in plastic, which is difficult to avoid. But not all plastics are the same: Cleaning products from Frosch, for example, are made from 100% recycled plastic. But you don't need to buy a new spray bottle or soap dispenser every time. You can go for a practical refill bottle that saves materials, for example the Glass Cleaner Spirit from Frosch. The refill bottle is not only 100 % recyclable, it also contains almost twice the amount of the spray bottle.

Why is it so important to separate waste?

Separate and sort waste correctly

Correct waste separation is just as important as recyclable packaging, because without proper waste separation the packaging cannot be recycled. With packaging like yoghurt pots, for example, make sure that you separate the plastic window and the lid from the paper. Waste bins in different colours and marked with symbols make it easier for the whole family to separate biodegradable, paper, plastic and non-recyclable waste.

What else can I do to avoid waste?

Recycle clothes

You can give old clothes the kids no longer fit into to organisations that collect for people in need. Or you can simply recycle old textiles at home. Old T-shirts and shirts, for example, are great for cleaning windows.

Swap and borrow instead of buying new

It doesn't always have to be new. Things like cordless screwdrivers, high pressure cleaners and other home and garden tools are not used very often. Before you buy something, why not ask around your friends. Even some DIY stores now hire out equipment. If you have any clothes, home appliances or decorations you don't need, don't just throw them away – meet up with friends and have a swap party instead. This way, you can be sustainable and have fun at the same time.