Rinse Aid

Frosch rinse aid with organic alcohol rinses clean naturally without leaving any residue and ensures a radiant shine thanks to quick drying. Dishes and glasses are left streak-free. The pouch reduces packaging by 60% compared to a traditional 750ml bottle.
Klarspüler 750 ml
  • sparkling, no-streak shine
  • dry dishes and glasses
  • clean machine
  • refill pouch: reduces packaging, 100% recyclable

Pour rinse aid into the rinse chamber of the dishwasher. Tip: select a low-temperature washing program. By observing the dosing instructions, energy and water consumption are kept as low as possible and water pollution is reduced.

5–15% non-ionic surfactants, <5% anionic surfactants. Further ingredient: bio alcohol.

Further information
pictogram without animal ingredients
Free of animal-derived ingredients
All Frosch formulas completely avoid the usage of animal ingredients.
picogram free of microplastics
Microplastic free
Water-friendly formulas clean and care without microplastics.


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