Color Powder Detergent Pomegranate

Frosch powder detergent pomegranate for colors is suitable for all colored fabrics except wool and silk. The pomegranate extracts in the formula gently wash colors at temperatures from 30° to 60° C, leaving laundry clean and bright, soft and pleasantly scented.
Bunt-Waschpulver Granatapfel 1,45 kg
  • color protection & fiber care
  • 30° - 60°C
  • 22 loads of laundry
  • eco box made of 85 % recycled paper, recyclable

Presort the laundry (e.g. by color, degree of soiling, type of fiber) and follow the laundry instructions of the textile labels. Depending on the hardness of the water and the degree of soiling, use the appropriate amount of detergent and always wash with a full drum.

15 - 30 % zeolites, 5 - 15 % non-ionic surfactants, < 5 % soap, enzymes, fragrances. Additional ingredient: pomegranate extract.

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Pomegranate Liq Detergent