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Conscious body care with eco-friendly ideas for the bathroom

These products are sustainable alternatives for your skin care and beauty routine

The Sensitive Soap in a practical refill bag saves packaging waste and is 100% recyclable.

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Jars of cream, toothpaste tubes, cotton pads – our bathrooms still contain a lot of disposable products and tiny plastic packaging. But we can easily replace some of these products with reusable and recyclable items. These will not only help you generate less waste, they will also create more space in your bathroom and make it tidier.

Mirror cabinet with Frosch pomegranate creme soap refill pouch and hygiene products

How can I save packaging waste in the bathroom?

The easiest way to save waste in the bathroom is to use refillable containers and dispensers for soap and shower gel. Using practical refill bags, such as the Sensitive Shower Gel Pomegranate from Frosch, you can easily refill any soap dispenser. And you can dispose of the refill bags without feeling guilty, because they are 100% recyclable.

Which products can be replaced with reusable items?

Toothbrush & dental floss

Conventional toothbrushes are made of plastic, which means crude oil, and therefore unfortunately don't do so well on the sustainability scale. Toothbrushes made of wood are an eco-friendly alternative. Wood is a natural raw material that grows back quickly and is therefore a sustainable resource. Wooden toothbrushes come in different degrees of hardness and are also available for children – which means there is the right toothbrush for everyone.
If you are a fan of dental floss, you can switch to the sustainable alternative made from corn floss. Another benefit is that not only the dental care products themselves are more sustainable, their packaging is also usually recyclable.

Cotton pads

People like using cotton pads to remove makeup. It's easy to use two, three or even four of them and then throw them in the bin. The washable cotton alternative is more ecological and saves space at the same time. You store them in a small tin or jar in your bathroom and they don't come in plastic outer packaging. They are available from every major chemist's shop.


Many hairbrushes sold at the chemist's are made of plastic, but inexpensive and sustainably produced alternatives, such as wooden hairbrushes, are also available. They are not only manufactured in a more environmentally friendly way, their natural bristles are also more gentle on our scalp. You can often find these eco-friendly versions in the sustainable hair care aisle.

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Conventional razors and their blades are usually expensive and don't last very long. Many of them are not produced in a particularly eco-friendly way and are not recyclable either. For the sake of your skin, the environment and your wallet, go for the following ecological alternatives: