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Easy window cleaning – no streaks, no stress

Simple tips on how to get your windows sparkling clean

The Glass Cleaner Spirit allows you to clean your windows without streaks at any time of the year.

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With the well-scented Dishwashing Gel Raspberry Vinegar you can effortlessly remove dirt from window frames and shutters.

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Cleaning windows is probably one of the least liked household chores. It is usually quite time-consuming and a very strenuous task. But if you use the right tools and follow a few useful tips you'll get the job done faster than you can say "smear-free".

What do I need for streak-free windows?

  • A bucket of water
  • A lint-free cloth
  • A soft, absorbent sponge
  • A window squeegee
  • Old kitchen towels
  • A cleaning product with the power to dissolve grease
  • Glass Cleaner Spirit

How often should I clean my windows?

You should clean your windows two to three times a year. Don't forget the window frames and seals, because that's where stubborn dirt tends to settle, which causes staining over the years. You should also clean the shutters and blinds once a year. You can remove loose dirt effortlessly with warm water and a soft sponge. You can use a mild washing-up liquid, such as the Dishwahing Gel Raspberry Vinegar from Frosch, to get rid of more persistent dirt.

Which time of the year is best for cleaning windows?

You can clean your windows at any time of the year. The real question is at what time of the year it makes most sense.
In the spring, annoying pollen settles on the windows. Since the pollen count is highest between March and May, it is advisable to wait and clean the windows at the beginning of June. A useful tip for window cleaning during the summer months: Use cold water and the Glass Cleaner Spirit from Frosch. The cold water prevents the water from evaporating too quickly and leaving behind annoying streaks on hot days.
In the winter, use warm water and the Glass Cleaner Spirit, and a hard rubber window squeegee. The warm water and the Glass Cleaner Spirit prevent the water from freezing during cleaning and give you shiny windows even when it's cold outside.

How do I clean my windows without leaving smears?

From the outside in

You should clean the window frames first, so that the dirt on the frames doesn't get in the way when you're cleaning the windows. Use a dampen sponge and an extra squirt of Dishwashing Gel Raspberry Vinegar to remove the dirt on the outside and inside effortlessly and thoroughly.

A Frosch glass cleaner bio-spirit trigger bottle stands next to a cloth

Now to the glass

Once the frames are clean, you can turn your attention to the windows. If they have a lot of dust or pollen on them, brush off the coarse dirt using a soft brush. To clean the window panes, use a mixture of water and a squirt of well-scented Dishwashing Gel and the spray bottle of the Spiritus Glass Cleaner from Frosch. This way you can remove even stubborn dirt from the window pane.

The glowing finish

It's best to dry the wetted pre-cleaned windows with a dry and clean window squeegee. To do this, move the squeegee in a wavy line from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. In the case of smaller windows or windows with glazing bars, move the squeegee down horizontally. Absorb the excess water on the frame and rubber seals with a kitchen towel.

A window pane is cleaned with a cloth

You can polish any blind spots on the glass using a dry, lint-free cloth. Old, cut-up T-shirts and cotton shirts are great for polishing your windows. And it's a great way to recycle your old clothes.